Hi, my name is Dakota


I am a Mother of 5, 4 of which I've given birth to myself. My kiddos, along with my husband are the center of my world. I love the miracle of birth and the privilege of working with expectant families. I am trained at Bastyr University as both a birth Doula and in Childbirth Education. I was also a trained EMT, and First Responder. Someday, I hope to become a midwife or labor and delivery nurse. For now, my heart is in helping families have positive and supported birth experiences, however they define that.

I believe birth is a natural event that our bodies are designed for.  I believe that your best birth experience, is one where you are continually supported by a compassionate team that listens to what you need, is trained in birthing skills, and deeply cares for your well being.

A positive birth experience lays a beautiful foundation for your growing family.  Birth is an extremely vulnerable, yet powerful time.  My intention is to provide nurturing and compassionate support to you and your family and help you achieve your ideal birth experience as you see it. 

I have experience with twins, premature births, families who have gone through IVF, and have worked with Moms of all ages and family configurations.  I also have extensive experience breastfeeding and work closely with each Mom to support her learning this new skill.  In my practice I use Hypno Birthing and Spinning Babies to improve fetal positioning and reduce the chance of cesarean section.

I love what I do and look forward to connecting with you and your family.

-Dakota Dawson

CD(DONA) Certified Birth Doula - Childbirth Educator - Lactation Support