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Welcome to Bend’s Childbirth Education!

We hope to inform and educate you in a warm, hands- on environment that is fun and engaging and designed to be social.  We want you to learn, feel empowered, and to make some new friends.

In addition to covering traditional Childbirth Education, we will learn how to labor in the most productive positions, skills to manage your pain, and empower your partners with techniques to best support you.

 We will watch videos of births, practice how to wear your baby, learn how to successfully nurse, how to soothe a crying baby and tips on how to get some sleep.

Local birth photography will be on display at each class and light snacks and drinks will be provided.

This complete course includes:

  • The 3 R’s of Childbirth: Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual
  • Labor positions, coping techniques, comfort measures, relaxation skills and breathing patterns are practiced during class.
  • Information about normal childbirth
  • Common labor variations and interventions, including cesarean birth
  • Information on medication/anesthesia for pain relief and cesarean birth
  • How to ask questions of your provider
  • Breastfeeding, skin to skin, and wearing baby
  • Newborn care and how to ease into parenthood

This class meets weekly for five (5) 2-hour weekday evening sessions.
Class Fee: $300/couple

To sign up for classes, please contact:
 Bend Childbirth Education, (831) 247-0015
or to see class dates and/or register online here:

The classes are taught by Dakota Dawson of With You Birthing, CD(DONA) ICEA trained,

Leah Skinner of Chickadee Yoga and Brooke Borgognoni, owner of Nourish Lactation.