Riel Nichols

"Dakota Dawson was our Doula for the the birth of our second son. She was calm, steady and the perfect balance of stepping up to make sure I had what I needed and fading back to let my husband have an interactive role. She was sensitive to our changing needs as labor progressed and was able to adapt quickly. Having Dakota assist with our birth experience was the perfect compliment to my husband and the hospital staff. Everything went smoothly with my labor and birth, but if anything had gone wrong I felt confident that Dakota would have been a huge asset in an emergency and I would have been grateful to have her by our side to help us negotiate any medical decisions."

Elizabeth Kirscher

"It's hard to describe the kind of birthing experience Dakota provides. She assisted in my fourth birth and I could not have been more pleased with the outcome! From the months leading up to birth all the way through the arrival of our precious one, Dakota provided the emotional, physical, and educational support to make our last birthing process the most memorable and fulfilling. My husband preferred the hospital to a home birth and although the fourth was still in that environment, the experience was completely different. Dakota provided the personal attentiveness and helped guide my husband in facilitating a more holistic approach. I had always wanted to have an all natural birth but my fears held me back. She provided the peace of mind and support to not only make that happen, but she also transformed my hospital room into a more intimate space. I felt I had a whole personal team to help guide me through and accomplish my goal and the doctor didn't even make it back in time! She has our highest recommendation and gratitude!!!"